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With a database of more than 250.000 items, 1000 mq situated in the commercial heart of Milan and 30 years of business, TAGO RICAMBI became a landmark for Italian bikers. Through our purchasing department, we have daily relations with more than 150 motorbikes accessories and parts suppliers.

At present, our warehouse manages an excellent volume of daily shipments through both our means of transporting and couriers service in Italy and European countries.

A team of 12 experts in the field and a great internal organization make TAGO Ricambi an engine perfectly oiled with a wonderful sound.

Tago Ricambi S.r.l.
Via Roggia Scagna, 5/7
20127 Milano
Capitale sociale 46.800 Euro interamente versato
Reg. Imp. / C.F. / P. IVA IT07989500157
R.E.A. Milano 1195785


/il reparto internet Rumours of an approch between TAGO Ricambi and started to spread in 2004 and in a short time those societies signed a contract to create a platform for the on-line selling of motorbikes accessories and parts.

After few months that project was ready and web site became a reality. Now is the biggest online shop of motorcycle accessories in Italy. With a daily updating and its 35.000 items loaded, aspires to become the biggest accessories and parts databank on web. The only one equipped with a search engine which consent an extremely precise focusing on motorbike models and year.


Fabio Fabio e Ivo: They're the frontmen of our retailing field. With a 15 years old experience in the historic shop in Milan, they join technical competence and a proven "appeal" towards customers.
They are ready to answer all of your technical questions, as well as verify the correct applicability of the accessories on your motorbike model.
Elena Elena: She deals with advertising marketing and corporate image promotion. For TagoScooter she searches for new products present on the international 2 wheels market and she deals with updating products and prices. She also keeps books for and checks web payments of your orders.
Roberto Roberto: He's a landmark for the shipments and relations with curiers. He menages whole warehouse, checking orders incoming from the suppliers, verifying stocks and dealing with customers' order shipments.
Laura e Graziella Laura e Graziella: They're Tago's accounting field. They keep books and relations with suppliers.
Franco Franco: He's the wizard of Tago purchasing department. He manages orders and commercial relations with suppliers. He also take care of the most important problems that can occurr. For he guarantees an adeguate warehouse stock and plans weekly orders.
Andrea Andrea: He deals with computerized process of the historic shop in Milan but he's also interested in new products and he values the news in the motorbikes field trying to foresee their impact on the market. For he deals with textual contents and images of the items present on our website. He receives mail orders and he forwards them to the purchasing department checking the effective dispatching of orders.
Tullio Tullio: He's in charge of checking prices and controling stock of the items.
Gabriele Gabriele: He's Tago's City Runner: he deals with delivery in the city and in Milan district.
Paola Paola: She deals with coordination of accounting and legal questions.
Luca Mario: He deals with the forwarding of the order, checks availability of items, prepares the shipments and he's responsible for checking status of them.